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released September 13, 2011



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A-LINE Newport News, Virginia

A-LINE began as an outlet for all of the pent up frustrations of living. To voice my thoughts and feelings on the world around me. To help let go of anger building inside me all of my life. At first it was just a theraputic exercise but has grown into a passion and a mission statement. Currently I am the sole member but I will soon be recruiting others in my bid for world domination. ... more

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Track Name: Feeding the Machine (Album Version)
Words and music by David Norris

Taken for granted,
Like cattle we are branded
Left alone and stranded,
Yeah isn’t it romantic
How they shove us into pins,
Into chutes we pile in
To the slaughterhouse we file in,
All were born for dying

They bludgeon us to death,
They say its for the best
Drop the blade onto our necks
And you know what’s coming next
We stand and take the pain,
Like good soldiers we are trained
We hide inside our shame
Then they bring the hammer down

All we are, battle scars, we die hard
Feeding the Machine

Everything we’ve known,
Here inside our home
Like seeds we were grown,
But onto rock were sown
Denied the fertile soil,
Ripped from the mortal coil
Reused our bones are boiled,
They burn our blood for oil

Every step we take
Helps to seal our fate
So in the dark we wait,
Building up our hate
We’ve taken all we can,
It’s time to make a stand
Someone had a plan
So we bring the hammer down

All we are, battle scars, we die hard
Feeding the Machine